Coinbase's premise overtook optimism in transaction numbers

Coinbase’s premise overtook optimism in transaction numbers

Base, Coinbase’s layer-2 solution, has peaked in the number of transactions since its official launch.

After the official opening of Coinbase’s Base, the number of transactions increased significantly. Base’s growth in the number of transactions overcame optimism.

Aadhaar outperforms Optimism in number of transactions

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Ethereum layer-2 network Base, developed by crypto exchange Coinbase, has overtaken optimistic rollup networks Arbitrum and Optimism in terms of average daily transaction count just a week after launch.

According to the data, on August 15, the average daily transaction count of Base increased to 610,000. This figure represents a higher value than Optimism’s 597,000 and Arbitrum’s 576,000 transaction numbers.

Why the optimism OP raised Aug 4th 2022

Right after the public mainnet launch, Base saw its daily active users reach over 100,000. It also led in terms of new daily unique addresses and profits for the first six days after launch.

However, in terms of total value locked in (TVL), Arbitrum and Optimism still stand with TVLs of $4.2 billion and $1.4 billion, as against New Base’s $244 million TVL.

The increase in the number of daily transactions and active users of Base shows that the competition among Ethereum Layer 2 solutions continues.





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