Crypto thieves target the exact protocol!

Crypto thieves target the exact protocol!

Optimism in layer-2 networks. DeFi Project Absolutely EtiquetteDamage totaled over $7 million.

The DeFi project Exactly Protocol, located in the Layer-2 network of the Optimism ecosystem, has been compromised. Exactly Protocol is the latest victim of an ongoing attack from DeFi, recording losses of over $7 million. Hackers who exploited vulnerabilities in the company’s smart contracts had 4,300 Ethereum worth $7.3 million (ETH) Was informed.

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The attacks on the DeFi ecosystem continue

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The liquidation problems that started at Curve Pool are showing their effects in other DeFi projects. Facing major liquidation issues, Curve Finance lost value on both technical and fundamental analysis side. These problems are compounded with the onset of mistrust towards the DeFi ecosystem.

The latest victim of the attack, Exactly Protocol, lost around 4,300 ETH. The price, which is currently equivalent to $7.3 million, attracted a backlash from platform users. The DeFi project, which makes statements on the subject through social media shares, has not yet disclosed specific details.





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