Elon Musk's Operation on Cryptocurrencies!

Elon Musk’s Operation on Cryptocurrencies!

SpaceX’s $373 million worth of bitcoin (B T c), $1.04 billion worth of transactions ended in the last 24 hours.

ELON of musk was the founder of spacex’in $373 million in portfolio in 2021-2022 B T c Allegedly sold. With this situation, the cryptocurrency, which crashed directly, disappointed its investors. With the impact of the news, BTC, which ticked from $28,770 to $24,570 on the futures side, almost ignited the liquidation data.

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Over 175,000 Crypto Investors Lost!

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A total of $1.04 million has been liquidated in the last 24 hours. Of these liquidations, $835.74 million were long positions and $202.42 million were short positions. On the BTC side, $498.43 million was liquidated, while ETH made up $308.71 million of this share.

The highest liquidity provided in a single transaction in the ETH/BUSD trading pair on Binance was recorded as $55.92 million. If we look at the liquidations of all cryptocurrency exchanges, 80.34 percent of the transactions were of long positions. The most liquidated exchange was OKEx with $332.34 million. Deribit followed OKEx with $272.53 million. Binance is in third place at $217.77.

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