Heat wave in France: how will the heat wave develop?

Heat wave in France: how will the heat wave develop?

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The weather surprises will continue in the summer of 2023, and the school holidays will end a heat wavea heat wave Extraordinary for several reasons:

  • Late onset of heat wave: This phenomenon generally subsides after 15 August. As Mateo France explains, ” nationwide, six episodes of the wave HeatHeat Since 1947, August 15 has already been observed: in 2001, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2016 and 2017. Of these six, the August 17 to 21, 2012 episode was the most severe.,
  • The heat wave will intensify next week: the heat will rise by a degree this weekend, and even more next week. Temperatures will be above 40 degrees Celsius in the southeast from Sunday, and will likely reach similar limits in the southwest on Monday and Tuesday. temperature of nightof night The temperature will remain above 20°C with sultry nights ahead.
  • The northern half will also be affected by the heat dome: the northeast, Centre-Val-de-Loire and the Paris region will experience temperatures of 32 to 35 °C between Monday and next Wednesday.
  • The national thermal indicator could break an absolute record: this value, which is the average temperature in 30 reference cities in France, should reach 25 to 28 °C on Tuesday and Wednesday, the hottest days. In such a situation, the record of August 19, 2012 (26.4°C) may be broken.

After peaking on Tuesday and Wednesday, possibly with several broken records, the arrival of a AirAir cooler will change the situation weather reportweather report Suddenly on Thursday. The autumnal freshness of early August should return by the end of the month.

France is facing its worst heatwave of the summer

article of carin durandcarin durandwrote on August 16, 2023

The Rhône Valley is currently affected by a heat wave that is set to last for a long time. but this masse d’airmasse d’air The heat coming from North Africa will spread to the rest of the country from the middle of the week. Will the heat wave spread to the rest of the country as well? The risk actually exists from next weekend.

France should prepare to face the most significant heat wave of 2023 this summer. The departments of the centre-east and south-east are entering a heat wave this week, with fluctuating temperatures that are set to last at least ten days.

But from Friday, heat wave will engulf the entire country: then we can talk about a real generalized heat wave. The maximum peak of the event will be First Between Saturday and Sunday, temperatures reached 40 °C in several southern departments, especially in the Rhône Valley. On Friday, high temperatures will be very widespread (around 35 °C in most major cities) and almost no one will escape it, while Saturday and Sunday will be less similar days: possible (but slight) cooling in the north, and very intense in the south Summer is at its peak.

More widespread heatwave to move through weekend

But with regard to the official name of the heat wave, the exact extent has to be reached in each department: Meteo France mentions the possibility of a more widespread risk of a heat wave at the end of the week, certainly in the southern half of the good ( in the south-)east, south-west, centre-east), or even in the northern half in some departments.

But not all weather models agree just yet: A cooler air flow from the ocean could be a game-changer for northern regions this weekend. This heatwave episode promises to be “classic”, but possibly permanent, according to Meteo France. not returning to normal temperature seasonseason At least not scheduled before August 24.

Weather: Heat dome announced for France next week

Article by Carine Durand, written on August 4, 2023

The month of August begins with autumn temperatures and a very gloomy feeling across France. But the heat has not yet said its last word, high temperatures will make a comeback again from the middle of next week and may persist for a long time.

This Saturday, August 5, temperatures will be 4 to 6 degrees Celsius below the seasonal average, although all weather forecasts predict a month of warmer than average weather. meteorologistmeteorologist Could they have been completely wrong? This month of August seems to lead us from one season to the next: this time afterWinter seasonWinter season Travelers, all weather models now agree on a return of high temperatures, or even very high temperatures, from August 9.

A powerful anticyclone should form over France, trapping warm air in a south-to-southwest flow: so this is a heat dome configuration that has a good chance of setting in. At this time, the weather outlook may still change but the model envisages temperatures above 30 °C across the country: over 32 °C in the northern part and 40 °C, or even higher in the southwest. This extreme heat, with some fluctuations, is likely to last for at least a week.

The end of the holidays and the off-season is always going to be hot

For the rest of the month, Copernicus, the climate monitoring body, is still predicting warmer-than-average weather across the country in the off-season (late August and September), especially in the northwest. The region after experiencing a cool and wet summer this month. In terms of precipitation, no information has been released to date for the rest of the country in late August and September, except for the Mediterranean Sea, which should benefit from wet weather (certainly stormy).

august weather trends

Article by Carine Durand, written on July 31, 2023

The month of July in the south of France was followed by a hot summer and thunderthunder Sometimes devastating, what has the weather brought us this month of August? Weather trends predict a fairly warm and locally very humid month of August.

Several departments in the south-east of France were affected by a heat wave lasting about 10 days during July, while the north experienced both relatively hot and cold days. For the rest of the summer, Meteo France has plans ” Temperatures were warmer than normal across the country and wetter than normal conditions from the Pyrenees to the Mediterranean.,

Heat will continue in most parts of the country

In terms of temperatures, Copernicus, the European climate monitoring body, forecasts that it is the northern half of the country, as well as the Atlantic coast and Mediterranean Sea, that will present the most unusually high temperatures. The tip of Brittany and the British Isles may also show values ​​well above average.

regular rain in the southeast

With regard to precipitation, Météo France indicates that ” The most likely scenario is characterized by more frequent disturbances than usual over the Iberian Peninsula and Mediterranean basin, including southern French regions.,

For the southeast of France, this means hot and windy weather again in August.






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