Hundreds of dinosaur footprints at this extraordinary site in Alaska!

Hundreds of dinosaur footprints discovered at this extraordinary site

This is an impressive archaeological site! The Colosseum, as it is now called, is located in Alaska and its surfaces bear hundreds of dinosaur footprints of varying ages, indicating that the site was extensively surveyed 70 million years ago.

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a real highway dinosaurdinosaur, The site called the “Colosseum” appears to have been around 70 million years ago. discovered in alaska Denali National Park and ReserveThis site contains a truly magnificent treasure: hundreds of dinosaur tracks attributed to countless speciesspecies, But the most impressive thing is that all these traces are not of the same age, which shows that many generations of dinosaurs roamed this place. This uniqueness makes the Colosseum the most important site for dinosaur footprints in the entire United States.

A stratigraphic mille-feuille that presents tracks from different eras

The site takes the form of outcrops with vertical levels up to twenty meters high. Originally, during their formation, these strata were decidedly horizontal. later they were replaced movementsmovements tectonics that have affected the area over time. The footprints are therefore visible on the present walls, at several stratigraphic levels.

To understand, you have to imagine a mille-feuille, each layer representing a level, the bottom one being the oldest. Stand your mille-feuille upright and take a bite of it slowly. So you will see areas that were buried till now. This action is similar to erosion which gradually reveals the oldest strata. Thus we end up with an outcrop with surfaces of varying ages. The most interesting thing is that there are many on which footprints are visible.

a rich Upper Cretaceous ecosystem

This suggests that the site is, of course, a wet marshy area that has been crossed many times over time. species traveling this highway are apparently very famous CretaceousCretaceous The best are numerous: large herbivores, duck-billed and horned dinosaurs, but also carnivores (VelociraptorsVelociraptors and especially tyrannosaurs) and small waterfowl. It was probably an extremely rich ecosystem where dinosaurs of all kinds herded within the dense vegetation, as evidenced by the many plant fossils. All comments made on the site are published in the journal historical biology,


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