New move from Hungry Games!

New move from Hungry Games!

Mobile game company Hungry Games completes its seed investment round The investment round defined a $23 million valuation for the company Hungry Games returned with $1.9 million from an investment round led by Bogazy Ventures.

New investment in The Hunger Games

Istanbul based mobile game company the hunger gamesClosed with an investment of $1.9 million at a valuation of $23 million. Bogazi Ventures led the seed funding round for Hungry Games, while Sebastian Borget, COO of The Sandbox and Co-Founder, Caghlan, who previously led Hungry Games on various projects including Roku Finance, Oyunfor, Preston Labs, Triple Dragon, Erol Zmandıracı have worked with. Investors such as Tanriverdi participated.

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Founded in partnership with Arslan Kiran, Oguz Kurtlan, Kagan Burke Kocak and Sevara Shodiva, Hungry Hybrid focuses on mid-core games. The company aims to introduce its new game Metahorse Unity in the racing RPG genre in the near future.

hunger gameSome time ago it was announced that he is collaborating with Polygon. The aim of the collaboration was to provide Metahorse Unity players with a more immersive and optimized gaming experience. Metahorse Unity allows players to train, breed, and race their horses in a virtual world.

Arslan Kiran, one of the founders of Hungry Games, said, “We are happy and grateful to have the support of well-established, well-known and experienced investment groups, companies and individuals in our seed investment journey. The development of the secondary market for Metahorse Unity, which we will publish with this investment, will not only revitalize the web3 gaming ecosystem, but also provide gamers with a deeper and more customized experience. The Hunger Games has the potential to make a real impact on the world. “The secondary market will enhance the sustainability of the game and increase community engagement, thus creating a richer and more satisfying experience for gamers.”

sandbox “I am delighted to support the experienced team at Hungry Games in their journey to create high-quality and engaging mobile games using blockchain technology,” said Sebastien Borget, COO and co-founder.