The price of the famous connected watch Apple Watch Series 7 is shocking!

The price of the famous connected watch Apple Watch Series 7 is shocking!

Do you wish to wear Apple Smartwatch on your wrist? Smartwatches prove to be very useful in your daily routine, allowing you to keep track of your physical activities to maintain your fitness and exceed your sports goals. Take advantage of an exceptional opportunity with a discount on the iconic connected watch Apple Watch Series 7, at Amazon. Know the benefits of this smart and high-end watch.

Watch connected to Apple Watch Series 7, in detail

The Apple Watch Series 7 has a bigger screen than its predecessor, and comes with dust resistance. The OLED screen, with a diagonal of 1.9 inches, has subtly increased in size, while maintaining the same distinctive design. This expansion resulted in a redesigned interface, which is more readable due to the increase in visual space.

The buttons are more spacious, and you’ll even be able to type messages thanks to the intuitive touch keyboard. The watch is also featured by a 45mm graphite stainless steel case that displays an elegant design.

The associated app gives you a synthetic overview of your physical activities as well as the data captured by the sensors throughout the day. With just a glance, you can see information like miles covered, step counter, heart rate, and even be alerted if your music is playing too loud. This comprehensive application provides abundant data. As a bonus, the smartwatch offers a variety of exercises right at your fingertips for the best experience.

Apple Watch Series 7: A connected watch for athletes

The Apple Connected watch is enhanced with a whole range of sensors, including a heart rate monitor, GPS or even a barometer. It is the ideal companion during your workout or sports session. The accuracy of the information provided by the GPS and the altimeter is undeniable.

As far as its autonomy is concerned, it clocks in at an 18-hour period, after which the Apple Watch finds its home on its charging base. Battery life also varies depending on your daily usage. This smartwatch is compatible with iOS 15 (or later)