The struggle and genius of Grazia Deleda: the first female candidate for parliament

The struggle and genius of Grazia Deleda: the first female candidate for parliament

Even today, though not well remembered, Grazia Deleda is a symbol of the struggle for the liberation of women, His writings are notably modern, despite the fact that he was born in Nuoro in 1871, more than a century and a half ago. His life was not at all simple, and his genius was constantly opposed. An existence characterized by one word: struggle.

Nobel Prize

In 1926, ten years before his death in Rome, he won the Nobel Prize for Literature. A historic recognition, considering how only one other woman had succeeded in this venture before her, and had access to a world full of men. We are talking about Swedish Selma Lagerlöf. It was the Italian premiere, however, that highlights its revolutionary character, with many critics guaranteeing its live.

nobel inspiration Received was the following. The great power of his writings was always supported by a lofty ideal: “Able to portray life as it is in plastic forms, on his secluded home island. It deals with problems of common human interest with depth and warmth.

A recognition that also came as a shield for the unjust accusations leveled against him during his life. However, Grazia Deleda certainly didn’t need an award to continue pursuing her art. Misunderstood with Italian literary criticism in the two centuries between and even after his death, men, for the vast majority, are to blame. isolated in a kind of cone of shadow,

The great contrast with the human outlook of the time was evident and was explained by the author during her acceptance speech. He started writing at the age of 13, because he had differences with his parents. A very different life was thought for him, certainly not dedicated to art: “The philosopher advises: if your son writes poems, correct him and send him to the mountain path. If you find him in verse a second time, punish him again; If he goes for the third time, leave him alone because he is a poet. Without boasting, it happened to me too”.

The struggle of Grazia Deleda

It wasn’t just writing that was Grazia Deleda’s weapon of rebellion., Her soul was restless due to the abuses of the male dominated society. Not only the first Italian woman to be awarded the Nobel Prize. In fact, 17 years ago, He shook human spirits by running for parliament, It was 1909 and looking at the history of Italy, this is also a record that no one can ever take away. An important step in breaking down one of the many doors closed to women.

the concept of Sorority It is an inseparable part of his vast legacy. Today we might call it a “sisterhood”Represents an intimate and private feminism, though capable of expanding and becoming collective, when a relationship was established between one woman and another.

In 1908, a year before her candidacy for parliament, she attended the first National Congress of Italian Women. Its goal was to make it possible for women to participate in social life, to have equal political rights with men. Inaugurated by Grazia Deleda and Maria Montessori, it was the first congress of the Italian feminist movement.





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