Whales Are Stockpiling Ethereum (ETH)!

Whales Are Stockpiling Ethereum (ETH)!

bitcoin’in (B T c), whales moving with the crash of Ethereum (ETH) strengthened its buying.

spacex’in $373 million B T c The announcement of the sale continues to stir up cryptocurrencies. Ethereum, which is hanging on to $1550 and BTC throwing the needle at $25,130 (ETH, sec’in ETF By giving the go-ahead to his subject, he almost got the power. ETH, which has recovered very quickly compared to other altcoins, is currently trading at $1685. Solid trend of technical and fundamental structure on ETH side, whale’s Also interesting.

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Growing interest in ETH

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LookOnchain, which is known for its onchain data, is in business since last night. ETH Publishes surprising data on The company shared information that more than $8 million (5,000 ETH) was invested in Coinbase due to the market decline. Both whales bought $9 million worth of ETH at almost the same time. Additionally, a separate whale has invested 3,998 ETH worth $6.72 million in Compound. Again, the same whale bought 3,027 ETH at $1,652.

The SEC’s positive stance on ETH ETFs seems to have caught the attention of whales. With the market falling, whales, who turn directly to the leader of altcoins, increase the amount in their portfolio. ETH, which dropped from $1810 to touch $1550, settled at $1685. ETH, which is showing strong signs compared to other altcoins, is keenly followed.

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