Anatolian Blockchain Expands Crypto Connect Activities

Anatolian Blockchain Expands Crypto Connect Activities

While blockchain technology is rapidly developing, work in this area continues unabated. Anatolian Blockchain, with the main sponsorship of Tubit, a Web 3.0 and blockchain event called Tubit Anatolian Blockchain Crypto Connect is held in Istanbul.

Tobit Anatolian Blockchain Crypto Connect will be held on August 22 at Taksim Zoo Garden and will bring together blockchain experts, C-level project managers, venture capital investment funds, angel investors, entrepreneurs and Web3 enthusiasts from all over the world. The Tobit Anatolian Blockchain Crypto Connect Event is FREE. However, it should be noted that the quota is limited. Therefore, anyone who wants to participate in this event can register here to register for Tobit Anatolian Blockchain Crypto Connect.

What awaits you in Tobit Anatolian Blockchain Crypto Connect?

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In Tobit Anatolian Blockchain Crypto Connect, Hasan Uysal and Anil Karacay made their presentation in 5 minutes, Tobit exchange for 25 minutes, Bitmart exchange for Ahmet for 15 minutes, Datsproject for 10 minutes, Metacon for 5 minutes. After doing so, quality time awaits you in the long run devoted entirely to networking and potential collaborations.

Furthermore, while Datasproject, LendX, Portuma are the bronze sponsors, Bitmart is among the diamond sponsors. Toobit is the main sponsor of the event.