Big Danger in Avalanche: Is the Fall to $2 at the Door?

Big Danger in Avalanche: Is the Fall to $2 at the Door?

Avalanche, testing $10 for the second time since 2021 (Avax) fails in its next attempt, it could pave the way for a drop to $2.

Popular coin Avalanche (which touched $10 twice in July 2021)Avax), has recently reached this level again. The dominant coin, which managed to find buyers from an important support point, rose to $16.05. However, over the past few days a flurry of FUD news has made AVAX and especially B T cThis shook him severely. AVAX, which once again made a $10 injection, received a weak response this time. This has strengthened the possibility of a decline to $2.80.

Avalanche (AVAX) Graph Analysis

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The weekly chart provides us with important data to evaluate the long-term price structure of AVAX. Lastly, AVAX, which pinned $10 last month and in July 2021, is currently pricing very close to this value. With a break of $10, the next support points for AVAX could be $9.39 – $6.89 and $2.81.

Although there is a slight gap between $6.89 and $2.81, the severity of the decline could be huge due to the gap in the chart structure. With $10 acting as support and a break above $12.18, new targets for AVAX would be $12.83 and $16.05.

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