Meloni pays the bill for Italians who have fled a restaurant in Albania

Meloni pays the bill for Italians who have fled a restaurant in Albania

it ran the risk of becoming a political affair Four Italians flee a restaurant in Berat, Albania without paying, The episode went viral on social media after videos showing compatriots being escorted from the club went viral, with Georgia Meloni instructing the embassy to settle the accounts, however, it was criticized domestically. For this reason, the Prime Minister wanted to return to the matter, clarifying that she had disbursed the money to pay for the dinner personally.


In the video that has gone viral in Albania, the four tourists can be seen running away from the hotel-restaurant after having their meal without paying the bill of 80 Euros.

the episode was As told by Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama who reported Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni’s reaction during their meeting in Vlora: “Everyone laughed – Rama told – she shouted and ordered the ambassador: ‘go ahead and pay these fools, please, and make a statement! Italy cannot lose respect abroad’.

The note of Italian diplomacy in Tirana was indeed issued: “On the recommendation of Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, we proceeded to settle an unpaid bill by a group of Italian tourists in a restaurant in the city of Berat. Italians – Note In conclusion – respect the rules and pay your dues and we hope such episodes are not repeated.

opposition criticism

However, the Prime Minister’s initiative faced criticism from some opposition parties. “If you go to a disco and get drunk, don’t worry: take a taxi, pay Salvini. Are you on holiday and feel like running away from a restaurant without paying? Never mind, pay Meloni with taxpayer money”, he joked. ricardo maggi + of Europe.

“Having been told that those who pay taxes are idiots, because there is so much forgiveness – was the shock of lia quartelle Democratic Party’s – Now they say that the people who pay for the restaurant are idiots, because if Meloni is there on vacation, the embassy will take care of the payment. “Meloni will have to pay the restaurants in Albania,” he protested. Osvaldo Naples of action.

Social media has arrived to try to put their point of view on the story Answer from Georgia Meloni: “When I was in Albania, Prime Minister Ram – said the Prime Minister – told me the story of 4 Italians who fled a local restaurant without paying the bill. After the photos of the escape went viral, the restaurant owner said that he was happy anyway because our compatriots ate well and were happy. (Here we talked about Giorgia Meloni’s holidays in Albania).

“I am ashamed – wrote the prime minister – because the Italy I want to represent is not a country that is discussed abroad for these things, that does not respect the work of others, that thinks that it’s fun screwing other people over. So I decided to go and ask the ambassador to settle the bill, Which I paid personally.

“Nothing special, in fact I haven’t even reported it – he concluded – yet it has caused controversy in Italy, from a protest that clearly prefers another image of Italy. I’m sorry because I was hoping we could all agree on at least something like this.”





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