Only then can the sweltering African heat end

Only then can the sweltering African heat end

After a lull in the first half of August, extreme heat returned to Italy, with temperatures reaching 40 degrees in some areas of the peninsula (and the islands). Only then, according to the weather forecast, Italy can get out of the bubble this summer,

How long does the African summer last?

As per forecasts, the temperature, which is already high, will rise further in the next few days get up slowly, peaks 38 to 40 degree will be entered in central-northern region Between the weekend and the beginning of the fourth week of August. The new heat wave is due to a sinking Atlantic depression.

l’african anticyclone at least it will make us gasp by the middle of next weekpush the temperature up. we definitely won’t reach july peakbut we’re still about to enter hottest month of august,

il extreme heat Current time expected in window Monday 21 August to Thursday 24 August, At this time, there will be an increase in maximum temperatures everywhere in a generalized manner. will get the most growth on po valleyinland areas of tuscany and lazio and in different areas of Sicily and Sardinia,

The North African anticyclone is already over Italy. But the central core of the anticyclone will also approach over the weekend of August 19-20 and invest particularly in France, central-northern Europe and northern Italy.

But even this hot new bubble of sub-Saharan regions isn’t going to last forever: cold air masses Arrivals may have come from Scandinavian and Russian regions. reduce positionbut not before 25 or 26 August, aided by cold air coming in from Iceland. As per forecasts, these cold air movements may bring down the temperature (especially in the central-northern regions) and bring some storms.

mountain weather

But mountainsComplete absence of warm storms possible Alps, Scattered thunderstorms possibleSouthern Apennines, specialist in There are indications that the heat will also be felt in the mountains: the zero degree point will be around 4700-4900 m.

higher predicted temperature

specialist in 3bmeteo explore the development of the landscape for in the south of the country: A small depression loop over southeastern Europe that may (at low Mediterranean latitudes) lead to a cyclonic circulation. The effects of the event cannot yet be estimated, leaving a wide margin of uncertainty.

The margin of uncertainty that pertains to all forecasts to a certain extent and which, as always, is bound to decrease as we approach the indicated dates.

And thisair force academy make them estimated temperature a few degrees higher than actually recorded, which added to the annoyance. The sweltering heat will also bring with it general health risks.

Meanwhile, with the heat and humidity, the risk of fire returns, especially in southern areas. Recently some areas have been affected by large scale intentionally set fires. Sicily has paid the highest price with thousands of hectares of land destroyed by the flames.