Schools, Italian teachers rank 31st in average salary

Schools, Italian teachers rank 31st in average salary

School staff salary increased after renewal of school contract last month teachers salary in italy Has returned as the center of conversation. if currently a little over 24,000 euros, thanks to the recent reform that provides an increase of 124 euros gross per month, the salary in Italy should reach around 26,000 euros. Second l’Education Price Index – Study published by N26 Online Bank, which also analyzed the average gross salary of various professionals in 50 countries around the world, among the financial implications associated with university choice – Italian teachers, even after increases, will continue to be employed only there 31st place in ranking, surpassed many European colleagues. (a position also confirmed by OECD data)

The agreement

agreement with trade union organizations for Renewal of National Collective Bargaining Agreement (CCNL) compartment Education, University and Research 2019/21 Accredited A medium magnification equivalent to teaching staff 124 euro per month. The definition of the contract came after a political agreement signed between the minister and the trade unions on 22 November 2022, which, in addition to making the increase immediately payable, made it available for collective bargaining between the two. ARAN and trade union organizationsFor the renewal of the CCNL in the education sector, additional financial resources equivalent to 300 million euros have been allocated by the 2022 budget law on the Fund for the Improvement of Training Proposals (FMOF).

Differences with EU countries

differences of gross annual salary in a key area for education And so for the development of the country they are obvious, in fact, if one looks at the salaries of the co-workers spain (a country that ranks 29th in the ranking with an annual gross salary of 29,000 Euros), in France (ranked 27th with 30,000 Euros) and 11th in particular in Germany, where teachers earn as much as 43,000 Euros per year. The highest paid teachers in the EU work there Denmark and those who earn as much as 51,000 euros per year, twice as much as their Italian colleagues.

Italy ahead of Portugal and Greece

Our country at second place in ranking, teachers at second place Portugal in e Greece They are ranked 32nd and 34th, respectively, with an annual gross salary of around 21,000 Euros and 19,900 Euros. In the countries analysed, outside the European Union Swiss Where teachers are paid around €80,000 per year, which is a considerable difference compared to the salaries of all other countries in the ranking. However, to kick off the ranking with the lowest salaries, India, Ukraine and Russia Where teachers earn 6,200 Euro, 6,700 Euro and 7,100 Euro gross respectively per year.