US Space Force deploys unit to shoot down satellites

Star Wars is underway: the US Space Force deploys its unit to destroy satellites

in the United States,us space force Recently set up its first unit dedicated to targeting other countries’ satellites and their ground stations. The war has started in space.

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Preparations for war in space are being made with special soldiers. Thus France changed the name of its air force to “Army”.AirAir and space” in the United States, it isUnited States Space Force (USSF) dedicated to space missions. The latter recently presented its first unit specializing in targeting enemy satellites, as well as their ground stations. this is 75I Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Squadron (SSRISSRI, Is part of the entity based in Colorado space DeltaDelta 7 Which works as intelligence on the space capabilities of enemy countries. He is able to analyze the capabilities of ObstacleObstacle targets, that is, systems that could prevent the United States from using its satellites. It can also track enemy satellites and “engage” them.

Jammer, Cyber ​​Attack, Optical Neutralization

would be surprised if the intent was to destroy MissileMissile – or any other weapon – a satellite, given that its debris could wreak havoc on other satellites, including the Americans. This would be a matter of disrupting communications or jamming ground stations. This is the reason why the arsenals used are of different types. ultraviolet raysultraviolet rays on the ground that can blind sensorsensor satellite optics, equipment that can jam signals, or cyber attacks to hack satellite systems. It’s not just about theory. l’us space force Reportedly conducted several training exercises to practice their own satellite jamming and “simulated combat training”. To revolve aroundTo revolve around ,


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