Swimming pool in the garden, what to do to save it (rescue)

Swimming pool in the garden, what to do to save it (rescue)

While millions of Italians are enjoying the long-awaited summer holidays Most popular beach and mountain resortsHowever, the central days of August see the presence of many couples and families in the city, who have preferred to organize their holidays by staying close to their homes, without having to go on trips and transfers. In particular, among the activities preferred by Italians in this period of extreme heat and sweltering heat, of course, is the organization afternoon and evening by the pool In the company of friends and relatives.

for those lucky enough to have one private tub inserted into the garden of your home, worry is not only about water quality In which to dip yourself in a refreshing bath. In fact, when you decide to invite someone over, it’s also important that the outdoor walkways, the stairs leading up to the pool and the deck chairs where you can sit to soak up the sun are as clean as possible: one for both. Fundamental aspect both from the point of view of beauty and also for the reasons of cleanliness.

Leaves and trash near the pool? Most effective tool for cleaning and sanitizing

And so, in summer where there are severe storms, strong gusts of wind etc. even the fiercest hail from north to south hasn’t spared our peninsula, so private swimming pool owners have had to find the most practical (and cheapest) way protect the integrity Your own outdoor tub. In particular, to deal with the immense pile of leaves who gather after the rain, there are many Italians who have resorted to the new bosch electric leaf vacuum cleaner Can be ordered for airflow speeds of up to 270 km/h Amazon At very affordable price:

After the heavy rains, another aspect of the analysis that worries water quality Present in tub. In fact, it rains a lot uncontrolled growth of fluid in the poolWith the possibility that objects and waste end up inside the tank: for this reason it is always necessary to monitor its effectiveness replacement filter, as the presence of blocking material may impair their operation and compromise the validity of the sensors. To make the best of it, we recommend you to buy 1500g Filter Balls, which get 34% off if you place an order. Amazon,

Best products for pool salt and pH concentrations, use after rain and storms

Finally, a topic closely related to the previous one is related acidity concentration present in the pool. pH of liquid In which we immerse ourselves, it is a factor that cannot be ignored for those who want to better manage their swimming pool in the garden. In fact, atmospheric agents change salt concentration in the water: so the advice is to implement a new chlorination cycle at the end of the disturbance, to restore the correct acid-base balance,

To avoid making mistakes at this stage it is advisable to rely on comfortable and practical electronic test not only to calculate accurately pH of waterbut also his temperature and the presence of all the components necessary to make the liquid drinkable and clean:





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