This bank has zero fees

This bank has zero fees

An action aimed at supporting businesses in the field of digital payments made by their customers is taking shape. initiative promoted by BPM Bank is consistent with this goal. The bank has recently introduced a new offer for Italian companies: for each transaction made through the PagoBancomat circuit an amount equal to or less than 10 Euros, During the period between October 1, 2023, and June 30, 2024, merchants will receive a full refund of any fees previously imposed on those transactions.

Zero commission for less than 10 Euro

Banco BPM has made an important decision: to completely eliminate the commission for payments of less than 10 Euros. It is necessary to highlight that during the period of validity of the measure, this initiative will automatically be applicable to all points of sale, irrespective of their status as existing or newly acquired customer. There will be no revenue cap for accessing this opportunity. The purpose of this action is twofold: on the one hand, it aims to reduce the commission burden for companies; On the other hand, efforts are being made to adopt digital payment methods even for transactions of nominal value and encourage the spread of electronic devices. It must be emphasized that this will not result in any additional cost to the traders.

It is part of the Framework of Support initiative MoU for reduction of costs and greater transparency Relating to acceptance of electronic payments. This protocol, promoted by organizations such as Abi, Apsp, Cna, Conartigianato, Confcommercio, Confesercenti and Fipe, is followed by Banco Bpm. It was decided to follow a strategy similar to that implemented in the previous two years in cooperation with Bancomat SpA, which envisaged eliminating the commission for transactions through POS up to €4.99.

In addition, various options for further concessions are being examined for card payment customers on the international network. These initiatives will go hand in hand with new plans to increase transaction volumes, involving both existing customers and new business relationships. The bank is planning to launch these new initiatives during the last quarter of the current year.

UniCredit and Intesa Sanpaolo initiative

On 6 June 2023, Unicredit A new version of the “Unicredit for Italy” scheme was launched, which aims to support the country through a series of initiatives with a potential value of 10 billion euros. Among the most relevant measures for the benefit of companies, the complete abolition of commission for physical points of sale generating revenue of up to one million euros is prominent. This facility pertains to transactions of an amount less than or equal to 10 Euros carried out through Point of Sale (POS) devices.

Instead, in November 2022, Intesa Sanpaolo Announced a 5 billion euro plan aimed at supporting small and very small businesses operating in the sectors of commerce, crafts and small hotels. The main initiatives of the plan include not only zeroing the commission for small payments made through POS in physical stores, to the extent of 15 Euros for a period of one year. There is also the possibility of using POS devices and fees for commercial credit card usage again free of charge for one year.

words of the conformist

As reported by Corriere della Sera, the reaction to the move by Banco BPM has caused cautious satisfaction on the part of the Veneto regional Confcomercio. In addition, a threshold of at least 30 euros has been established for transactions that will not be subject to commission. Patrizio Bertin, The President of the Association underlined the current relevance of the issue of electronic payments. He added that “currently, more than half of our customers use payment cards on a regular basis; In some cases, mobile phones are used directly, taking advantage of applications that are so agile and efficient that it is even possible to leave the wallet at home, among which Satispay stands out.






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