What are cash dogs and why does the state use them against scammers

What are cash dogs and why does the state use them against scammers

As announced during the election campaign for the 2022 general election, there are two fronts on which the centre-right majority supports Georgia Meloni intervened to modify the system relating to basic income, The first aspect that the government wanted to review is audience of beneficiariesDue to the strictness done by the executive in the previous budget law, a Drastic reduction in number of citizens receiving checkswhich will result in the forfeiture of all the so-called vocational subject (which was received last July Highly Condemned SMS Alert on your cell phone).

In parallel, the technicians of the Ministry of Economy – in cooperation with the Ministry of Defense, which manages and organizes several departments of the Armed Forces operating in our country – have developed a “toolkitIdentifying and punishing citizens who have taken advantage of the massive stimulus in recent years. In particular, the so-called “income crooksWhich, from 2019 till date, have managed to collect the amount envisaged by the law even without the necessary requirements as stated by the law.

Carpet check against hidden income: The government’s anti-fraud push

A concrete sign of the new course to deal with the abuse of citizenship income was seen just a few days ago, when one of the most important operations carried out by the Milanese Linate airport took place finance custodian in recent times. After months of investigation and intense telephone inquiries, Fiamme Giall closed for good 39 person – All immigrants of Egyptian nationality – Suspected of fraudulently acting against the State.

Although the clues found against him allegedly left no room for any doubt. illegal activityHowever, it was hard to imagine who the subjects being observed could be caught in the act in such a wonderful way. In fact, once detained, the African nationals were forced to open their bags in front of the agents, which showed how large their “theft” was.

Bags, backpacks and suitcases full of notes, money hidden in double bottoms, even a zippered pocket inside the belt and full of cash. Total recovered approx. 450 thousand euro that 39 persons – all recipients of citizenship income without any need – they were trying to bring to their native country.

guardia di finanza e cash dog To prevent crimes on citizenship income

The so-called have taken over the work of the Guardia di Finanza inside the airport cash dog, the animals are precisely trained to hunt for money and bank notes. we are talking about something dog unit whose sense of smell has been trained with special training and awareness courses find cash Stored in travel containers of those who intend to take them abroad.

Hours after the intervention of dogs and agents, the investigation carried out at the IT level was able to add further details on the framework of the crimes committed by the criminals. Their requests for monetary benefits were riddled with all kinds of discrepancies: the most frequent discrepancies were false statement on its patrimonial status – which excluded ownership of houses and apartments in the hinterland of Milan – and the miscommunication of its members FamilyWith the inclusion of non-existent elderly or disabled subjects.






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