What's going on with Ripple (XRP)?  19 August 2023

What’s going on with Ripple (XRP)? 19 August 2023

Ripple (XRP), which reached $0.42 due to a decline in Bitcoin (BTC), is looking for upward momentum.

In a downtrend from $0.646 XRP, came down to $0.42 in a very short time. The dominant coin, which broke the support points one by one with the price action in bitcoin, is currently trading at $0.50. What levels are important for XRP to follow, which has managed to survive better than other altcoins?

Ripple (XRP) Chart Analysis

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XRP, which is correcting lower from $0.646, found support at $0.42. The popular coin, which managed to overcome the next two resistances, is currently hovering at $0.504. Resistance points for XRP investors to watch are located at $0.527 – $0.546 – $0.565 – $0.646 and $0.668 respectively.

If BTC sustains below $25,000, XRP could decline again. Support points that can be followed in this process are $0.493 – $0.42 – $0.367 and $0.345, respectively. A breakout of the $0.42 area will have an impact on the short- to medium-term price action of XRP.

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