Aqueduct, a tool for estimating water-related risks

Aqueduct, a tool for estimating water-related risks

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It’s no longer a secret and unfortunately we are seeing the consequences of this more and more: water is a resource that must be protected. If France does not experience a long-term national shortage as it is currently experiencing, water access will not be guaranteed throughout the year everywhere and the incidence of drought will increase. For now… because the 2°C trajectory the world is on will inevitably have hydrological impacts, as shown by the Aqueduct Platform by 2040, developed by world resources institute,

This formidable tool makes it possible to note down various water-related risks such as water scarcity or even drinking water by month or year. This approach can be on a global scale as well as on a very local level. Aqueduct also proposes a projection on the future up to 2040, according to three scenarios. pessimistic ” Is ” optimistic ” passing by ” in which state ,


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