Auto giants head for an unprecedented strike

Auto giants head for an unprecedented strike

And big strike Automotive giants shudder: Detroit’s three big guys are in the sights ford, General Motors I stellarItalian-French-American conglomerate born from the merger of Fiat Chrysler and PSA.

US strike against big automotive companies

54 year old American trade unionist sean fein driving by uuu (United Automobile Workers) announced the movement with a coup: it snubbed Stellantis’ contract renewal offer during a Facebook Live broadcast. Then he got rid of everything by throwing it in the trash, “where is its place”. Stellantis is an international giant with strong ties to Italy, and events across the ocean can reverberate here.

Various productive sectors have been in turmoil in the US in recent weeks, from Hollywood actors and screenwriters to hotel workers, from truck drivers to metalworkers, in protests against the dangers of artificial intelligence.

union auto workers union leaders have invited me 150 thousand customers To join, vote within the next week big strike, Maxi strike that will paralyze the Stars and Stripes auto sector from midnight September 14 onwardstill the expiry of the contract. And no amount of talks will stop the movement which will continue till the bitter end until a new agreement is reached.

union demand

In short, these are the requests of the Uaw next four years,

  • 46% increase in salary (with a loss of 20%),
  • reduction in working hours,
  • removal of multiple contract levels,
  • profit increase,
  • better healthcare,
  • inflation index,
  • Extension of uniform contractual coverage to workers in joint ventures.

billions of dollars lost

Analysts estimate that the unrest could hurt the US economy as well as the three groups involved: over $5 billion burned within 10 days. The automotive industry is one of the pillars of the American locomotive and has a huge stake on the President Joe Biden He intervened in the dispute to invite the parties to “reasonable settlement” within a reasonable time.

It is not just the three giants that are shivering, but also hundreds of smaller companies that revolve around Ford, General Motors and Stellantis as customers regarding components. So beyond dealerships and service companies.

Deutsche Bankderive from sol24orePotential loss is estimated up to Half a billion in profit locked up for each week of production, Ford has already taken action by announcing that if the emergency continues, it will ask its workers to shed their white collars and wear blue overalls and walk off the assembly line.

The effect of the protest is aggravated by the low stock of vehicles. Meanwhile, the agitation continues amid a violent spate of allegations and counter-allegations from both sides.

Stellar in Italy

While the auto sector in the US is in turmoil, Stellantis has announced a prosperous investment plan in Italy.

It looks like Stellantis in particular has decided to focus on electrics for years to come.





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