Here are the parts of the world where floods are deadliest

Here are the parts of the world where floods are deadliest

Global warming is rapidly increasing not only heat-related mortality, but also flooding. A study published in the journal nature stability Ranks the countries with the highest risk of dying from flooding.

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The higher the temperature, the greater the risk of extreme rainfall events. And in areas that are heavily urbanized, or simply poorly developed, torrential rains are responsible for human disasters.

The authors of the study analyzed data from 67 countries between 1990 and 2018 to draw conclusions on the relationship between fatal floods and economic factors. During these 38 years, they studied 573 major floods: the results varied radically from country to country, sometimes despite rainfall events of similar intensity. The greater the economic disparities of a country, the higher the flood-related death rate.

3 continents together bring highest death toll in case of torrential rain

The most dangerous areas of the world in case of flood are:

  • In Africa, the regions most prone to flooding are Algeria, Morocco, South Africa, Angola and Botswana;
  • Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia are the most at risk countries in Asia. But the authors note significant improvements in Asia in recent years, and therefore a reduction in the number of victims, despite sometimes strong weather events;
  • In the Americas, Colombia, Chile, Costa Rica, Argentina, Brazil, and the southern United States are areas with high flood mortality.

Note that there is a lack of reliable data on some countries, such as India and three-quarters of Africa: therefore these countries do not appear in the ranking. Europe and Oceania benefit from a much lower risk of mortality in the event of a major flood. But some European countries are still distinguished by more worrying death rates, a trend that has not improved in recent years, such as Italy, Spain, Austria, Germany or even Slovenia, Czechia and Slovakia.





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