Off fresh fish for a month: right here

Off fresh fish for a month: right here

il stop fishing Applicable 19 August to 24 September This forces fishermen to stay at the port and consumers to find alternatives.

fishing off 2023

Fishing activities have been banned between the south of MarshI’abruzzo And this molise, Fishing in this area has already been closed from Trieste to Ancona I from Manfredonia to Bari, And not only that: In addition to certain periods of rest, fishing vessels must also rest additional days off According to the fishing area and the type of resource caught, as Coldiretti Imprespesca explains.

Stop fishing: what is it for?

Fishing ban is a provision that is enforced every year Protect the widest range of marine species To promote its reproduction. measures have been implemented in stages In various regions and especially related to the Adriatic Sea. The closure of fishing was started only about forty years ago. The suspension may last for a period max 43 days, However, the closure of organic fishing does not always coincide with the breeding season of marine species and has repeatedly given rise to protests from fishermen and unions.

Fishermen forced to fish at the site of fishing shall, upon submission of an application, have the right to get allowance, However, the compensation is allocated in the year following the period of custody. For example, in March 2023, a 30 euro daily allowance was established for fishermen forced into forced rest in 2022.

Fresh fish is more difficult to find

So it will be more difficult, though not impossible, to find a variety of fresh fish: anchovies, sardines, swordfish, sea bass, sea bream, sole, mantis shrimp, clams and mussels will be in the market, although sometimes to a lesser extent. area of ​​the country. This catch will come from small-scale fishing boats, dredgers and aquaculture.

Criticisms of Coldiretti

Coldiretti Imprespesca complains that “the structure of the 2023 fishing stop has not yet responded needs of companies nor those stability of the main species National fishing targets, so much so that the condition of some resources, which have to be closed at a critical stage of life, have not improved much despite efforts and restrictions in the 38 years of fishing closures. National fleet sees contraction About 33% fishing units and 18,000 jobs were lost,

Coldiretti Impresapesca therefore says that fishing bans “should not only be a restriction of fishing time, a measure already abused by community regulations, but also to protect target resources at the most important biological stages, such as the birth and development of young”. should aim to achieve a level of protection that does not detract from attention to the economic sustainability of the fishing companies involved in the closure measure and the maintenance of coastal areas and the social sustainability of the many economies linked to fish production such as trade, catering , tourism and shipbuilding”.






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