Recent declines have pushed 6 altcoins to new lows

Recent declines have pushed 6 altcoins to new lows

The cryptocurrency market is reeling from one of its worst weeks ever. Bitcoin, the number one cryptocurrency, suffered its biggest losses since the FTX bankruptcy, first with the Fed minutes, then the Evergrande bankruptcy and the news that SpaceX sold all its bitcoins. The price fell by about 8 percent in a single day and such a fall was last seen in November 2022.

This week’s deep decline dragged some of the top 100 altcoins by market cap to their all-time lows on Thursday, August 17. between them Flow, ICP, Meena, Needle, Some? They Floor Happened. The chart below shows the all-time low (ATL) as well as the all-time high (ATH) these cryptocurrencies recorded this week:

atl athlete Loss
Flow 0.39$ 43$ -%99
ICP 3.15$ 700$ -%99.5
Meena 0.35$ 7.9$ -%95
Needle 0.45$ 2$ -%77
Some? 0.08$ 3.27$ -%97
Floor 0.012$ 0.05$ -%74
These cryptocurrencies, which recorded record lows during the week, saw some recovery with a reduction in selling over the weekend. In the last 24 hours, SUI is up 18 percent to $0.56, ALGO to $0.097, MINA to $0.41, ICP to $3.56, and FLOW to $0.47.

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