The scam of unlimited flights for 2 euros runs on social networks

The scam of unlimited flights for 2 euros runs on social networks

Ryanair has provided a gift card Thief Unlimited Flights against negligible expenditure. A way of apologizing to users after several flights were canceled in July and August. A wonderful initiative, if it were true: in reality it is just countless gimmicks fraudsters,

Ryanair and the 2 Euro Card scam

invitation to buy (fake) Ryanair gift card it’s scary Facebook In form of sponsored ads, referred to as the reference profile Ryanair Italia And it only has a few dozen likes and very few posts, which is a sign that it was created a few days ago.

Text of the scam message: “⁠seg⁠uit⁠oa⁠lle⁠ re⁠cent⁠ti ⁠can⁠cel⁠laz⁠ion⁠id⁠iv⁠oli⁠ di⁠ ma⁠ssa⁠, p⁠er ⁠ric⁠ onq⁠ uis⁠tar⁠el⁠af⁠i⁠nti⁠ de⁠ic⁠lie⁠nti⁠, R⁠yan⁠air⁠ of⁠fre⁠ un⁠ac⁠art⁠ar⁠ega⁠lo ⁠con⁠ vo⁠ li⁠ill ⁠imi⁠tat⁠ip⁠er ⁠sei⁠ me⁠si, a⁠ so⁠li ⁠2 e⁠uro.⁠ I⁠ln⁠ume⁠ro ⁠di ⁠buo⁠ni ⁠reg⁠alo⁠ è ⁠ lim ⁠eta ⁠So. Ri⁠spo⁠ndi⁠ ad⁠ al⁠cun⁠ed⁠oma⁠nde⁠ pe⁠ro⁠tte⁠ner⁠ei⁠lt⁠uo ⁠fly⁠pas⁠s”.

Ryanair voucher scam hijacks an e-commerce site

What has been implemented is just a myriad phishing attempts, click on the button request now redirects the user to domain, Users on that site are prompted to complete a questionnaire, then you are prompted for pay 2 euro (fake) to get Ryanair gift cards. It is all filled with fake comments specially posted by scam authors.

“Thank you so much for the card, I received it literally 10 minutes ago. This weekend we are already flying to Paris with a friend,” writes a profile showing a woman’s face. And the fake page responds by tagging the user and thanking them.

But something is going on: users are starting to wake up and along with the fake comments, there are real and angry ones as well:
“This is a fake page: they definitely use phishing. Caution!’” someone wrote.
“But do you find it credible that Ryanair, which also charges you for extra air you breathe, can make such a donation?”, someone else wrote.
Another user comments, “We are not all naive…”. And so on…

Facebook has already received dozens of reports against this scam Ryanair for free, Both ordinary users and editorial publications (including). quifinanza) reported the scam attempt, but the page is still visible.

These days Ryanair is in a dispute with the Italian government, so it is unlikely that it would want to gift passengers with Bell money.

scams on facebook

Republic “Online intermediaries such as Facebook are not immediately liable for illegal activities carried out on their platform”, reports an expert’s commentary.
“And this is an important difference with newspapers, where by law in Italy, editors and publishers are responsible if a scam ad comes out”.
“Platforms become responsive only after a post is flagged for the first time.”
so he says Antonino Polimeni, Advocate Specializing in Online Law.

Fraudsters are always lurking and apart from real life frauds, we should be wary of telematic frauds as well. Phishing is the most classic online fraud, capable of ensnaring potential victims through scam emails or impersonating text messages.





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