This autonomous robot wants to replace cleaning teams in offices

This autonomous robot wants to replace cleaning teams in offices

The company Somatic has created a robot that automatically cleans toilets in companies. He recently released a new update that shows how he can navigate between floors, enter cubicles and even lift toilet seats independently.

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In English, some robotics experts prefer to talk about the three D’s: dangerous, dirty, dull, These three adjectives describe dangerous, dirty and boring tasks that are perfectly suited for robots to automate. For example, cleaning toilets, even if it is not a dangerous job.

Here’s the Somatic robot that cleans the company’s toilets completely autonomously. He can lift himself, use handles to open doors, and wash floors, walls, toilets (including under flaps) and urinals with a variety of tools, such as disinfectant sprays and vacuum cleaners. ,

Somatic recently released this new video showing off the latest capabilities of their robot. © somatic

A robot trained using virtual reality

Somatic doesn’t provide many details about their site, but in a presentation in 2020, its CEO Michael Levy explained their setup process at the time. The company that requests the robot first receives a box containing video and lidar sensors. One has to follow a path from the closet where the robot will be stored when not working to the various toilets to be cleaned. The box records everything, including elevator use and door openings.

Then, an employee of Somatic uses a virtual reality headset that displays a copy of the toilet created from the recording, and performs all the cleaning tasks there. This process is described as worst video game in the world », but the robot will then reproduce these gestures. It is not designed to completely replace the cleanup team, as in the unlikely event, it will send them a picture of the problem. Somatic is already marketing its robot for $1,000 a month, eight hours a day, forty hours a week.


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