Worried about September hike in gas prices above 40 euros per MWh after months of stability. At mid-session on Wednesday, August 23, the raw material price in the Amsterdam market was around 38.55 euros, after closing the session higher for two days. The delicate balance of methane prices is being affected by the movement of workers at Woodside Energy Group, a major liquefaction plant in Australia. Meanwhile, the end of social bonuses next month is looming over Italian households, with the risk that aid will not foot the bill.

unrest in australia

A meeting is scheduled in the next few hours between Woodside Energy and the unions to reach an agreement on pay and working conditions, without The employees said that they are ready to go on strike.

In Australia, trade unions are required by law to give companies seven working days’ notice of any industrial action, which can range from brief stoppages and restrictions on certain activities to outright strikes.

Only the promise to block the ‘North West Shelf’ plant in Woodside rattled the markets, sending gas prices higher. Delicate union talks are also underway at the plants of Chevron, one of Australia’s biggest gas companies, which produces together with its partners. One-tenth of the LNG of the entire international market.

Any disruption to the work could slow exports of the super-cooled fuel from Australia, the world’s biggest LNG exporter, forcing Asian buyers to outbid Europeans to secure supplies, resulting in Gas prices increased in Amsterdam,

According to Reuters, analysts expect global prices to remain stable for at least a month, even in the event of a strike, because of risks of production disruptions and because LNG storage levels are high in Asia and Europe. (Here we talked about the latest drop in gas bill cost as detected by Arera).

social bonus expires

In addition to trade union unrest, which risks affecting the price of gas on the other side of the world, it is also expected to expand in Italy. social bonus on billsStill not confirmed.

Despite assurances from Environment Minister Gilberto Picheto Frattin on the government’s intention to continue providing assistance for electricity and gas to families in difficulty due to high energy prices, the finding 800 million euros Funding the measure in the next budget law is a year that is anything but clear (here are the minister’s statements on what will happen after the bonus expires).

The extended support in June, aimed at users with ISEs up to 15 thousand euros or 30 thousand euros for families with more than four children, allowed 4.7 million families to benefit from assistance to meet electricity tariffs and another 2.8 million allowed to save. gas.

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