Bitcoin, which made a move above 25 thousand 300 dollars (B T c), although it was dismissed at $26 thousand 825, it managed to capture a positive vibe.

First spacex’in bitcoin (B T cThe leading cryptocurrency, which declined under the influence of several FUD news including selling, found support at $25,140. A few days later, gaining strength from the same support area, BTC attacked $26,825 last evening. However, the fact that this point is the upper level of the resistance zone has naturally led to an increase in sell-oriented transactions. What is the technical side of BTC trading at $26,430 at the time of writing?

bitcoin (btc) chart evaluation

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BTC, which currently supports the $25,140 – $25,300 range, can be targeted as long as it manages to defend these values ​​and positive news comes from the sector. The resistance points in the bullish scenario for BTC are $26,825 – 27,467 – 28,039 – 28,406 – 28,896 and $29,262, respectively.

A continuation of FUD news or a close below $26,000 will cause BTC to lose momentum. In such a case, the levels to be considered are $25,873 – $25,200 – $24,832 and $23,934, respectively. The most important level that can be followed so that the cryptocurrency market does not develop into a bad one is $25,200.

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