Counter-Exodus, Red Dot Weekend: Map

Counter-Exodus, Red Dot Weekend: Map

Next weekend marks the beginning of the last phase of August, the summer month that is slowly drawing to a close. Forecasts point to the potential for significant traffic flows, as people gradually leave their holiday resorts and prepare for return journeys or the September holidays. Heavy traffic is expected on Saturday and Sunday, due to the condition “Red Dot” indicating complex traffic conditions especially on state roads. In particular, organization Italy road network There are already advanced forecasts for the afternoon of this Friday 25 August, indicating that traffic conditions will require special attention. Above all, on Saturdays, and even more so, on Sundays, the number of people traveling is expected to be the highest, causing local inconvenience due to the return flow. To ensure the fluidity of travel, traffic regulation measures may be implemented.

The present day

In view of these dynamics, highway to italy He explained that the most difficult situations would be concentrated on the main roads leading to the main cities. Saturday morning will be important for those going on a journey and for those returning this will be the case both on Saturday and Sunday, morning and afternoon. If the current day is to be seen from the traffic point of view, it is marked as “green dot” in the morning but will be extended to “yellow dot” in the afternoon due to many vehicles leaving the main tourist places . which will converge towards city centers or holiday destinations. In the evening, the situation will stabilize with normalcy.

Heading into Saturday, we expect significant traffic congestion, which will fall under the “red dot” classification, for the entire morning. This situation includes both those returning home and those preparing to leave. In the afternoon, difficult conditions may emerge for those returning from seaside resorts, manifesting themselves again as “red dots”. For commuters, the traffic level will be classified as a “yellow dot”. In the evening there will be a more calm trend, the position will once again be marked as a “green dot”.

beginning Saturday from 8 am to 16 pm, Restrictions on the transit of trucks and heavy vehicles on the highways will apply. This restriction applies to vehicles and combinations of vehicles used for the transport of goods weighing more than 7.5 tonnes, whether laden or empty.

Anas Update: Roads in danger

As Sunday approaches, both morning and afternoon traffic trends for people returning from holidays and trips to major cities will once again be classified as “red dot”. During Sunday mornings, main roads leading to tourist resorts will have a level of traffic designated as “yellow points”. In addition, a ban on the transit of trucks on motorways will be in place for the whole day on Sunday, which will be in force from 7 am to 22 pm.

In parallel with these forecasts, Anas predicts higher traffic density that is directed Central-Northern Region. The organization estimates that, between Saturday and Sunday, there will be about 11 million vehicles in transit, with about half a million vehicles in peak time slots. There are some major roads in areas that require extra caution when returning from holiday. This includes:

  • Northern carriageway of the A2 motorway of the Mediterranean Sea, with possible severe conditions in the Pontecagnano-Battipaglia section.
  • Adriatic State Road 16 on the north side, from the Apulian region to the Veneto
  • Lake Como’s State Road 36 and Spluga in Lombardy
  • Link roads between Campania and Lazio, such as State Road 7 Appiatogether with State Road 148 Pontina in Lazio and Grande Ricardo Anulare from rome

The current analysis of traffic trend shows that there is an overall increase of 2% in the month of August as compared to the same period last year. This increase is distributed across different timeframes: +2.7% on weekdays, -1.6% on days before public holidays, and +1.9% on public holidays. These figures show the increasing trend of people towards Sundays as compared to Saturdays. Notably, there was a +4% increase on Saturday 12 August and Sunday 13 August compared to the corresponding 15 August weekend of the year 2022.

20 million Italians on holiday in August for Coldiretti, 37.5 million in summer

At the same time, as Coldiretti reported in the context of the first Coldiretti/Ixe report, the number of Italians enjoying summer vacation in August reached 20 million out of a total of 37.5 million people Who traveled in the same summer. Despite a 10% decrease from the previous year, August has retained its appeal as a privileged month for holidays for Italians. However, traditionally, this month is associated with higher costs for accommodation, food and services such as beach umbrellas and sunbeds.

An emerging trend is the tendency to reduce the length of vacations. Half of traveling Italians (50%) spent less than a week on vacation, while 25% preferred it 1-2 week duration, In addition, a positive figure is made up of those 4% of the lucky ones who extended their stay for more than a month.

Although the sea represents the privileged destination, the options for discovering “modest” Italy have also resonated. Coldiretti highlights that many people have chosen to visit parks, countryside, mountains and small villages 72% tourists. In many cases, these options are explored through short day trips.

gasoline is still rising

Gasoline prices continue to rise, reaching critical levels on many highway sections. In particular, on the A21 Turin-Piacenza, the price of petrol has reached almost i 2.8 Euro per liter in served mode, This data was reported by the Associate Association, based on information provided by managers and published by Mimit. The latest reports suggest that the price of petrol last Thursday was 2.798 euros per liter in full service (compared to 2.074 euros per liter in self-service). Diesel price, on the other hand, remained stable 2.379 euro per litre, While many motorway distributors quote unleaded petrol prices at around 2.5 Euro per litre.

In general motorway terms, petrol averages around 2.020 euros per liter in self-service mode. This data was provided by the Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy. In addition to self-service petrol, other national average prices are also reported on the motorway network: self-service diesel costs around 1.935 Euro per litre, LPG costs around 0.843 Euro, and methane supply costs around 1.527 Euro per litre. . In short, rising petrol and fuel prices in general are a stark reality on various motorway sections, indicating a significant impact on travel expenses.





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