Faces changed by cosmetic surgery by Dr. Vladimir Mitz

Faces changed by cosmetic surgery by Dr. Vladimir Mitz

Cosmetic surgery to reduce the appearance of wrinkles is becoming increasingly popular and great progress has been made to date in achieving natural and invisible results.

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Aesthetic medicine and cosmetic surgery have made such great advances that their use has become invisible to those who have resorted to these practices, whose techniques have been completely renewed. In aesthetic medicine, discreet lip augmentation with Botox injections or hyaluronic acid may be practiced without telling an onlooker that these are signs of appearance improvement.,

Those who are used to doing these injections know that the main thing is not to force the dose so that Botox can reduce the contraction of the frontal muscles responsible for forehead wrinkles, but also to inject with a light hand. . The ciliary muscles are responsible for the wrinkles between the eyes. It is better, as I do, to repeat a series of injections after a month in order to increase the dose if necessary, reinforce the action that has already been done and thus prolong the action of Botox Increase With a little practice, nothing is lost in keeping the possibility of carefully wrinkling the patient’s forehead and even a few wrinkles at the corner of her eyes, a precaution very interesting and necessary even for actresses. So that they can do so by channeling their emotions on screen with compelling veracity.

Some husbands are surprised to see the “good looks” of their partner, and do not even imagine that their wife has gone through the “injection box”, unless there are traces of treason.

Here too, the hand of the surgeon or aesthetic doctor should be light. At the level of the molecular fibers of the acid there are many hyaluronic acids of different constitution, which are more or less interconnected and cross-linked. Therefore it is important to choose the right formula.

Another fundamental element is not to force the dose and not to inject so deeply that the skin does not bulge. It is also necessary to avoid pricking a venous or arterial vessel so that complications do not arise. With a little practice it is possible to fill in the nasolabial folds in an invisible way, while the natural expression is fully revealed when smiling or sad.,

It’s a little more difficult for wrinkles at the corners of the lips called brow lines, but a significant improvement is quite possible.

Where these hyaluronic acid injections give the most amazing and spectacular results is by filling in the tiny vertical wrinkles of the white lips, which are called “barcode” wrinkles! This correction, if done judiciously, does not increase the thickness of the white or red lips in any way, but rather allows them to return to a condition closer to their 30-year appearance.

The on-set photographer, the TV cameraman sees nothing but fire, perhaps only the on-set make-up artist can already see an unexplained change when they have in their hands an actress or presenter who is about to pass under the fire of the camera . ,

What progress has been made in the field of facelift: smass and deep plane?

In cosmetic surgery, the new biplane-type lifting technique with the SMAS (superficial musculo-aponeurotic system of the face), which I developed in the years 1973-1980, gives completely natural results without appearance, nor So sure and not too drawn out. In effect, we put the deep structures back where they came from, and we avoid stretching the skin too much by transferring the maximum tension to the deeper levels of the samas. , deep plane face lift » Very trendy is a simplified version « smash-lift ,

Likewise, eyelid surgery maintains a completely natural appearance with scars that are often invisible, because in 99% of cases the eyelid skin heals magically and invisibly.

It was a long time ago when an actress was “punished” because her face was modified by cosmetic surgery.

This new generation of surgical techniques brings undeniable benefits not only in terms of the appearance of the person being operated on, but also has a positive effect on his mind. Perhaps this is the event that is most impressive to us practitioners of the restoration of lost beauty.


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