Must-have accessories for the new iPhone 15

Must-have accessories for the new iPhone 15

What just came out is the best iPhone ever, Every year – or at least with every new generation of iPhone – this phrase is echoed in the videos of many reviewers preparing to try out the homegrown gem. Apple, And this is always true. The latest devices from Cupertino always have more features than previous models. Sometimes it introduces innovative technologies that have never been used in the field before, sometimes it adapts to the competition and brings with it little improvements. Which certainly improves the user experience, but probably doesn’t justify the high initial cost.

It is not only the starting price that scares users, but also the not always accessible figures of accessories needed to guarantee the long life of the iPhone and exploit its full potential. So let’s see if it is worth investing in iPhone 15 And what accessories are necessary for its safety and its best use.

When will the new iPhone 15 arrive and how much does it cost?

iPhone 15 comes in four variants.

  • iPhone 15.
  • iPhone 15 Plus.
  • iPhone 15 Pro
  • iPhone 15 Pro Max.

equipment comes to market 22 SeptemberHowever, it is already possible to pre-order them through the Apple website and from partners, from telephone operators to electronics megastores, obviously Amazon. price The price of the basic model with 128 GB memory has increased from 979 euros to 1 TB Pro Max at 1,989 euros.

What changes with iPhone 15: all the news

There have been many small and big changes between the 14th and 15th generation of iPhone. Starting with a completely new charging cable. Apple finally said goodbye to Lightning, adopted the EU directives and put the USB C input under the new iPhone.

The entire Apple fleet has officially been switched to universal ports, and fans of the American company will finally be able to use the same charger for their smartphones, iPads and MacBooks.

dynamic islandAs seen with the previous generation in the Pro models, the new iPhone becomes windowed. Notifications, and is enriched with new functions including multitasking. From the new top bar it will be possible to control open applications and monitor information related to them.

camera As expected, they are much better than the iPhone 14, with many little features that will please aspiring directors: those who buy the Pro version will finally be able to immerse themselves with Apple Vision Pro to watch space movies shot. You will be able to enjoy a unique audio-visual experience.

What accessories to buy for iPhone 15?

If you have been impressed by the innovations introduced by the 15th generation of Apple mobile phones, know that in addition to the device you should consider purchasing something stuff,

Perhaps by choosing original products and taking advantage of the Amazon Prime program, which allows you to buy millions of products from the world’s most important e-commerce and receive them with free and fast delivery in the same day. It is also possible to pay in installments without financing.

It is impossible not to include covers in the list of essential accessories. The iPhone 15 is particularly resistant due to the innovative materials used in Cupertino. But despite the tempered glass of the original model and alloy titanium According to the pro, it is always advisable to buy a case to limit the damage caused by impacts and falls.

cover in silicone It is available in 8 colors for the entire iPhone 15 range and is compatible with MagSafe technology, which allows you to charge the phone without the use of cables.

If you think it’s really a shame to hide the harmonic lines of the telephone, you can choose an alternative cover transparent magsafeAlso perfect for showing off the new colors of the iPhone 15.

Apple recommends using your own power supply to avoid damaging the iPhone 15’s battery. you can afford battery charger Original straight from Amazon.

If you really can’t afford cables, even USB C ones, you can opt to buy a slightly more expensive, but definitely more comfortable cable. Elementor MagSafe,

The iPhone 15’s improved battery allows the device to last for more than 24 hours. However, some features can make it go away faster. If you are afraid of drying, it is better to buy this magsafe battery packA small powerbank to attach wirelessly to your phone to charge it on the go.

To take full advantage of the power of the iPhone’s magnet, and limit the use of a bulky wallet, you can also purchase a magsafe leather wallet To pair with the phone, available in three colors (but others will probably be coming very soon).





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