"4 million will be paid in 5 days": the case of the revenue agency

“4 million will be paid in 5 days”: the case of the revenue agency

Four million euros in five days: This is the request that a 57-year-old unemployed woman suddenly received in a letter sent by the revenue agency. A figure and a deadline that is unsettling for many people, especially for a woman of Apulian origin and resident in Bologna, left without a job after some entrepreneurial ups and downs, which will be the basis for a tax assessment.


As reported by ‘Il Resto del Carlino’, a debt of 3,959,065 euros will, in fact, remain. The 57-year-old owed millions of euros to tax authorities after his business in Bari went bankrupt.

The amount requested today will be the result of certain contributions never made by the woman in connection with the shop’s closure in 1996.

The revenue agency would also charge him with unpaid tax for the period in which “the shop had already been closed for a year”, which would have increased over the years due to interest, collection costs and penalties for delay in payment.

But of these 4 million euros owed to the state, the woman assured that she never knew anything.


The discovery came when the 57-year-old woman, who had moved to Bologna from Bari for almost twenty years, decided to restart her own business in 2017, after a long period of inactivity due to uncertain employment and waiting lists in employment. Had decided. Office.

The hero of this story went to an accountant with the idea of ​​opening an ice cream shop, who advised him to Make sure everything was in order with the tax authorities (Here we explain how to avoid problems with the tax authorities thanks to technology).

“They told me they had an outstanding debt of three and a half million euros,” the woman told ‘Resto del Carlino’. She also protested against “taxes for the period in which the shop had already been closed for a year.” It was over.”

Although the 57-year-old woman assures that she has always been unaware of this millionaire’s debtThe revenue agency claims it has already sent communications on outstanding money in 2013 and 2020,

“But perhaps due to a mistake they were delivered to my old address in Puglia, because I changed my place of residence a long time ago,” the woman said.

“I turned to everyone: the revenue agency of Bologna and Bari, the financial police here and in Puglia, the guarantors of the taxpayers, I asked a lawyer for help. I admit that I too lost my temper many times. but nothing. Now I live in terror.”

,It’s a debt I can never repay, it’s a ridiculous, unimaginable amount, I’m not even clear about what they are challenging me for, what are these contributions that I didn’t even know I had to pay – the 57-year-old continued. I fear that they will take away what little I have. Since they have already taken away from me the dignity of finding a job, starting my own business and being independent, as I dreamed of” (Here we explained what legal protection there is for those who have very There are more loans).





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