People who eat healthy waste their efforts by snacking

People who eat healthy waste their efforts by snacking

Snacking, good or bad idea? Researchers say it all depends on the quality of the food.

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Snacking is not necessarily bad for the body. If it’s made from healthy foods like fresh fruits or nuts, it can also contribute to good metabolic health. Snacking is a common dietary behavior that accounts for a large portion of the day’s energy intake, making it a major determinant of diet quality.

Research shows that the timing and quality of snacking is important for health measures such as blood sugar and fat levels. A study published inEuropean Journal of Nutrition finds that a quarter (26%) of 854 participants reported eating healthy main meals as well as poor quality snacks (cakes, chips, ice cream, etc.).

, Poor quality snacks have been linked to higher BMI, greater visceral fat mass, and higher postprandial triglyceride concentrations – the period after a meal – all of which are linked to metabolic diseases such as obesity. Stroke, heart disease and obesity », stated in a press release.

among study participants zoe prediction, 95% eat breakfast at least once a day. On average, their snack consumption was 2.28 snacks per day, with 47% of people eating two snacks per day and 29% eating more than two.

Choosing poor quality snacks spoils the benefits of the healthy food eaten. The authors believe that given the large number of snackers, preferring fruits and nuts instead of biscuits, for example, is a simple dietary strategy to improve your health.


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