Petrol above 2 euros even in the city: raise the alarm

Petrol above 2 euros even in the city: raise the alarm

The national average of petrol prices has definitely exceeded 2 euros per liter Not only in serviced mode, but also with self-service, in the network of facilities serving city and state roads. Despite a decline in refined product prices, diesel fuel also reached its highest level in 2023.

latest findings

The average price was charged by managers, based on data updated on September 17 to the Trade Ministry and the Price Observatory of Made in Italy, as detailed by the Staffetta daily. Petrol reached 2.003 in self service mode euros per liter, with rates from different companies around 2.010 per liter, while white pumps display 1.988 euros per liter (here’s Quifinanza’s in-depth analysis of why petrol prices are rising again).

Also the average price charged Diesel is rising in DIY mode, reaches 1,938 Euros per litre, average prices were recorded at around 1,946 euros per litre, while unmarked distributors recorded 1,921 euros per litre.

what to worry about servedaverage price taken for Petrol reached 2136 Euros per litre, companies display prices of around 2,180 euros per litre, while plants without logos cost 2,047 euros per litre. average of Diesel is Rs 2,071 per serving The euro per liter with the company’s selling points is around 2.116 euros per liter and without the signal at 1.980 (here we talked about the OPEC+ options which caused petrol prices to skyrocket).

However, the prices charged for LPG are around 0.712 euros per liter (0.701 with no logo). Finally, the average cost of methane is on average 1.396 euros per kg (no logo 1.391).

on the highwayAccording to the Staffetta Quotidiana survey, self-service petrol cost 2.075 euros per liter (served 2.317), self-service diesel 2.018 euros per liter (served 2.269), LPG 0.852 euros per liter, methane 1.521 euros per kilogram and LNG 1,295 euros per kilogram.

Petrol and diesel: where it costs less

Looking at the prices displayed by the region’s petrol pumps on Monday 11 September, the province that recorded the highest average daily price of petrol nuroAfter this, Genoa and Crotone are the second and third provinces where green color is more expensive.

Always considering the cost of greenery, a sondrio Instead, the lowest average daily price is found on the last step of the podium of the cheapest provinces to fill up, ahead of Treviso and Rovigo. According to what was found by the Ministry of Environment and Energy Security, the national average weekly price of petrol is 1,970 higher than last week.

Also, if we talk about the daily price of diesel, then the province where the price is highest is nuroThen there are the Imperia and Croton, whose positions on the podium are reversed compared to the petrol.

The cheapest province where to fill up with diesel, as far as green goes sondrio, followed by Rovigo and Fermo. The national weekly average price recorded by the Ministry of Environment and Energy Security is 1,877, higher than the previous seven days.





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