Tax reform, from cuts to rates: News

Tax reform, from cuts to rates: News

Confirmation of deduction of fiscal wedge pFor the whole of 2024 and a Revision in IRPEF ratesStarting from increasing the earlier limit group, These objectives are at the heart of budget law. Deputy Minister of Economy outlined the maneuver maurizio leo Yesterday spoke at the national festival of Italia Viva in the Palace of Santa Severa (Rome). The preview on ‘Drito e Rovesio’ on Retequattro was confirmed last night by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni.

cornerstone of maneuver

There are four “key priorities” for implementation with budget legislation: “Support i low income, pensionI would like – Melonie explained – to give a hint on the low pension; Family and birth rates, Health care, which is a big priority for Italy. “We are working to reduce waiting list times which are objectively very long.”

cut tax wage

“il Cutting of tax wage up to seven points For people with income up to 25 mil euro And six points for those earning up to Rs 35,000, which they put in the pockets of those with low incomes. Monthly increase up to 100 euros For me this is a priority measure and my great goal is to confirm it for the whole of 2024. And if I succeed, even a little more” Meloni said, fearing an extension of the measure’s duration.

irpay rates

On the table, along with a cut in the tax wedge, the first hypothesis is change in rates IRPEF, starting from the increase in first bracket threshold, A measure intended to accompany and strengthen the reduction in the tax threshold on low incomes. “If I pay more money with Wages, it is eaten up by the tax rate at 23% of the first rate – Leo explained -.” Then – he added – I should also raise the limit of the first income group, which now comes up to 15,000 euros Of the income, otherwise I will partially take back what I gave you.”

solutions for businesses

On the business front, Leo envisages a Withdrawal Decollage On earnings, a reduction which “comes progressively.” If you invest then at 15%Especially in machinery and innovation, And if you are employed, However, those measures take time. In the meantime, from January there will certainly be simplifications that will not cost anything, such as the structure with creditors for small businesses: the tax authorities will be able to evaluate the income you have over the next three years and if you pay the amount due. If you do this, set it in advance and you will not face any problem. simplification also on the front criminal punishment In case of a single unfiled declaration or declaration of taxes but then not paid, perhaps because payment is expected from the public administration.

resource question

“We have to see how to find these blessed resources, because we have Another burden on your shoulders which is from 100 billion superbonuswith many illegal Which Cubans currently have is 12.8 billion euros. In such a situation, tolerance is moving towards ending in 2023. stability pactAnd that’s what we’re talking about specifically with Minister Giorgetti, to see if some of the strategic matters, such as Infrastructure and PNRR, They can be excluded from the deficit/GDP ratio mechanism. “This is the real battle we have to deal with with the EU,” Leo said. Once you understand what is compatibility with regulations This will be adopted at the European level, the other thing we need to see with Nedef. How many resources can we use, Moreover, compared to previous growth forecasts, at 1.1-1.2%, the Commission has pulled back slightly. So we will be able to formulate a clear reference framework only at the end of the month.”

ghost of debt

The Economy Minister also took stock of the measures, giancarlo giorgetti, speaking in Pontida. “As a minister, I also wake up with a Big debt on our shoulders: 2,859 billion: This means that only for the next year, additional interest we have to pay 14 billiontaken away from aid, health care and tax cuts”. The next budget will also have to take into account this increased spending, which is partly linked to the increase in rates and actually the total cost of building the Strait Bridge. Is equal to.






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