The Japanese have their eyes on ChatGPT!

The Japanese have their eyes on ChatGPT!

Japanese multinational firm SoftBank announced that it is considering a major investment in OpenAI following the ARM IPO.

SoftBank, the Japanese multinational holding company with a market capitalization of $66 billion, is looking for new ways to deploy capital. Following the successful initial public offering (IPO) of UK chip designer ARM, the investment giant is reportedly considering a significant investment in the artificial intelligence sector and OpenAI in particular.

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According to a report by Financial Times It is known that SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son is actively interested in artificial intelligence, especially OpenAI’s famous ChatGPT. Sun said at a meeting in June that he used ChatGPT as a brainstorming tool. For this reason, it was said that the application revived Japanese investors’ interest in aggressive technology investments.

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“I chat with ChatGPT every day”

The son admitted that he is a heavy user of chatbots, saying, “I chat with ChatGPT every day.” Said.

It was envisioned that a potential collaboration between SoftBank and OpenAI would be based on the existing relationship between Son and OpenAI CEO Sam Altman. Frequent communications between these two industry leaders indicate a promising alliance that could get SoftBank back into the AI ​​game. It noted that given SoftBank’s decision to sell all Nvidia shares in 2019 and miss out on the next bull run, this would be a redemptive move, yielding a potential return of 1,070 percent today.

SoftBank’s move was also seen as in line with Son’s new approach to investing, moving from a cautious stance to a more active role in the technology sector.

Increase of more than $4.4 trillion

The potential investment in OpenAI has significant implications for the industry. The prolific AI industry is poised for significant growth, with potential growth projected to exceed $4.4 trillion in the coming years. Backed by an extended partnership with Microsoft, OpenAI stands out as a strong competitor in this field. ChatGPT has achieved unprecedented growth since its inception, making a significant impact across industries.

On the other hand, rumors began to surface that OpenAI was trying to extend the GPT-4 model to make it multimodel, and possible secret development of GPT-5 after the company filed a trademark for GPT-5 in July. Used to be.





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