$300 billion Standard Chartered will bring returns in crypto

$300 billion Standard Chartered will bring returns in crypto

Zodia Custody, the crypto arm of Standard Chartered Bank, will offer crypto interest to its corporate clients. The bank will provide returns to its customers in exchange for the cryptocurrencies held on the platform.

Zodia Custody announced that it has partnered with OpenEden, a company that brings real-world assets to the blockchain. In this way, corporate companies will now be able to participate in some form of stake.

In his statement on the topic, Zodia CEO Julian Sawyer said that there are many areas for the merging of traditional finance and digital worlds and said:

“There is a lot in the world of traditional finance that can be transferred to blockchain. What is important is how these assets can be moved safely without violating regulations… The OpenEden partnership is very important in this sense.

Zodia Custody, which was first announced by Standard Chartered in 2021, received a $36 million investment in April from companies including Japanese giant SBI Holdings.

It was published:

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