Apple Revolution: iOS 17 released, know what's new here

Apple Revolution: iOS 17 released, know what’s new here

Are you planning to buy any of these new models? iPhone 15, Or do you want to continue using your “old” iPhone (up to the XS version, which was introduced 5 years ago, as mentioned in a footnote)? In both cases, it is now time to proceed with the download of iOS 17. Its official version is available for download from 7pm on Monday 18th September. iOS 17 was first announced during Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference last June.

iOS 17, what’s new: standby mode and Safari maps

As already mentioned, there are many interesting innovations, but if we had to highlight one innovation that is already getting a lot of excitement (in a positive way), it is standby mode, Which effectively turns your iPhone into a mini hub full of customizable widgets, photos, and clocks.

It’s important to note that when Apple introduced standby mode during WWDC, many people paid attention to the details that went into Cupertino. When you place the iPhone in standby mode on your bedside table, it turns into a smart hub of sorts. Its display offers a wide range of content thanks to a series of widgets that can be viewed in landscape mode (for example, when the iPhone is charging).

There are also some interesting new features for the famous Apple browser, Safari. It is now possible to create user profiles, a feature that has already been present on Chrome and Firefox for some time. This allows you to place different sets of bookmarks, settings, websites and cookies depending on logged in users. Additionally, on Apple Maps you can now save areas of a map for offline access, including driving directions, opening hours, and other useful information.

Another completely new feature is “check in,” which allows you to share your location with friends or family. The system automatically detects when you reach home and notifies users like parents. If the system detects that you’re running late, it can send information to your contact to provide assistance, such as location, battery life, and other useful data.

There are also several new features on iMessage, including the ability to read a transcript of a received audio message. Audio messages are now transcribed, allowing users to read them and, if necessary, listen to them later. Additionally, on FaceTime, it is now possible to record a video or audio message to someone who may not have answered our call.

compatible phone

As already mentioned, iOS 17 is compatible with iPhones produced in the last 5 years. Here’s a detailed list of models compatible with the new operating system, in addition to the new iPhone 15 and 15 Pro:

If your iPhone is not included in the above list, you do not need to worry. Your smartphone will not stop working, but it may gradually go out of scope for updates to the most used applications. For those who are willing and able to remain loyal to the Apple ecosystem, it may be a good idea to consider purchasing a new device. However, it is important to note that it is not always convenient to buy a new iPhone immediately after the launch of the new model, as we have mentioned earlier. Fortunately, with the launch of the brand new iPhone 15 and the entire range of models, iPhone 14 prices have started to drop significantly. This could be a great opportunity to get a new iPhone at a more affordable price.

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