Binance test creates volatility: Surprising details in liquidation!

Binance test creates volatility: Surprising details in liquidation!

Binance Nearly $80 million in cryptocurrencies were liquidated over the past 24 hours, gaining momentum ahead of the hearing and drawing attention from interesting data from stock exchanges.

There has been a lot of confusion lately BinanceAttended the hearing at night. trial judge, seconds Or Binance US No decision was taken against him. Instead, the judge encouraged cooperation from both sides. However, the cryptocurrency experienced serious turbulence during this process. This situation naturally shook the liquidation data.

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Liquidations on OKX overtake Binance!

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A total of $79.62 million worth of transactions were completed in the last 24 hours. Of these transactions, $53.03 million were short positions, and $26.24 million were long positions. The liquidation value on the BTC side was recorded at $39.98 million, and the liquidation value on the ETH side was recorded at $13.96 million. In addition, the liquidation data of TRB, WLD and SOL attracted attention.

The most shocking data regarding liquidations came from the stock exchanges. Binance, the cryptocurrency exchange with the highest transaction volume and users today, lagged behind OKEx. While $25.74 million worth of transactions were liquidated on OKEx, $23.08 million was seen liquidated on Binance. Small transaction liquidity emerged in almost all stock exchanges. Additionally, it did not go unnoticed that 88.21 percent of liquidations on BitMex were long positions.

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