What's up with bitcoin?  22 August 2023

Bitcoin (BTC) retreats after its rapid rise!

Binance They ftxAfter the FUD environment created by Bitcoin calmed down, Bitcoin reached 27 thousand 450 dollars (B T c), became easier by 26 thousand 800 dollars.

Popular Crypto Exchanges Binance They ftxhad created uneasiness in the market in recent weeks. As this uneasiness increases selling transactions among investors, B T c, falling to $24,900. Later, as things calmed down a bit, the cryptocurrency leader took action again. BTC in particular, whose volume increased on September 18, instilled confidence in investors and the market. So, how is the technical structure of BTC currently progressing?

Bitcoin (BTC) Chart Analysis

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BTC, which continued its rise above $24,900, almost breathlessly dropped to $27,450. The fact that this level was close to an important resistance point naturally led to a wave of selling. BTC, which started retreating from around $27,450, reached $26,800.

To move the cryptocurrency market in a positive direction, BTC will have to overcome the levels of $27,151 – 27,467 – $28,115 and $29,088 respectively. A hold above $29,000 will strengthen the target of $30,000. Failure to break above $26,800 could trigger another decline. In such a situation, the support zones to follow are $26,400 – 26,034 – $25,647 and $25,300 respectively.

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