Company Safety Signs and Industrial Flooring

Company Safety Signs and Industrial Flooring

FM signagepioneer in the field of company safety signsKnown for his expertise design I recovery Of signs for industrial floors, The company offers through a process divided into different stages personalized solutions to ensure a safe work environment I well indicated,

Activity Steps

The first important step is consultation and planningin which the founder Macol Maza plays his game technical knowledge and his design skills,

    1. FM Signaletica is able to quickly evaluate application surface And determine. more appropriate treatment For concrete, tar or asphalt. Furthermore, familiarity with safety rules Allows you to establish, for example, the required width for a pedestrian lane or one dedicated to the transit of forklifts.
    2. The company is able to deal directly design using tools like autocad, It allows you to create personalized solutions I accurateto satisfy specific requirements of each customer.

sending And this Preparation Represents the second phase of the Fund, during which FM Signalética operates. clean industrial floors It is on smooth the surface To ensure optimal adhesion of materials. Use of vacuum cleaner for check of the resulting material and disposal Regulation as per the rules is the strength of the company.

FM Signage - Security - Bergamo

During the third phase, which includes construction site management and realize company safety signs And this company floor signsThe company is known for several features:

    1. cooperation of teams of workers Experts with decades and decades of experience;
    2. Using the standard equipment,
    3. accuracy I accuracy In the making of signs;
    4. pay attention to SecurityFor example with the construction of anti-oil zone around machinery;
    5. Availability I Flexibility Working on behalf of the Company, including at night or on holidays, to minimize the impact of its clients on the Company’s activities;

fourth stage, maintenanceis necessary to guarantee Durability And thisCapacity Of signage. FM Signaletica presents programs optimized maintenance which allows customers to plan periodic intervention in base alley specific requirements, This programming allows you to achieve more favorable pricesto plan advance intervention and improve Management Overall activities.

FM Signalética, with its expertise company safety signs and in the signs for industrial floorsProposal excellent solution To create a safe and well-marked work environment. Company Commitment Advice, design, recovery I maintenance Guarantee reliable results And customized to meet each customer’s needs.





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