Crypto Bank's Ethereum Staking Rate Increases Hugely!

Crypto Bank’s Ethereum Staking Rate Increases Hugely!

Diogo Monica, co-founder and president of Anchorage Digital, announced that Ethereum stake rates are set to increase by 4x in 2023.

Interest in Ethereum is increasing. According to a report published by Anchorage Digital, more than 40 percent of corporate customers EthereumPlacing bets on platform after platform. Ethereum staking transactions, which increased 4x during the year, reflects the confidence of users and investors in altcoins.

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Digital asset bank Anchorage Digital has seen a four-fold increase in Ethereum stake on the platform this year, according to co-founder and president Diogo Monica. In a recent interview, Monsia said that increasing institutional Ethereum stake is one of the biggest changes Anchorage will make in 2023.

“While the collapse of FTX last year put some institutional projects on hold, very few institutions have exited the digital asset ecosystem entirely,” Monsia said. Not only Monsia, but many authorities and the cryptocurrency community also made positive statements on the topic.





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