DTech Artificial Intelligence enabled smart vehicle assistant and DTech token launched

DTech Artificial Intelligence enabled smart vehicle assistant and DTech token launched

Dtec Technology Company is proud to announce the launch of Dtec Artificial Intelligence Smart Vehicle Assistant and its token project, which has been under development for 7 years and has revolutionized the automotive industry. Dtec is designed to fundamentally change the lifestyle and driving experiences of drivers and car owners as a smart vehicle assistant powered by artificial intelligence.

DTech Assistant: The future of the driving experience

DTech Assistant offers a range of innovative features that enable drivers to give and understand all types of commands to their vehicles at a much higher quality than their NLP software counterparts, which can be implemented as additional hardware for automobiles. Has started being sold as.

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With a great innovation, DTech can connect its users to all the smart devices from smart wrist watches to home curtains, so that the users can chat with their cars and control all their smart devices without getting distracted while driving their car. Can manage.

The artificial intelligence system behind DTech uses data from drivers and their environment to anticipate drivers’ needs, provide personalized services and enhance the driving experience. As it learns, it assists drivers through predictions, without the need for voice commands.

While doing all this, it uses the data it receives and processes from drivers, with the approval of the drivers, for the benefit of both the growth and development of the Dtec ecosystem and the benefit of Dtec users. DTech includes a blockchain-based component and enables efficient and personalized driving experiences using real-time data.

DTech Token: Rewarding Travel Through Data Mining

Dtec Token (DTEC) is the native payment and reward token of the Dtec ecosystem. The DTEC token is used to reward in-vehicle data sharing and other contributions by Dtec users who purchase and use a permissioned device. Users are incentivized with Dtec tokens, instructing them to use the dtec software in their vehicle and also contributing to artificial intelligence learning during use.

Thus, the objective is to gradually develop and add value to the DTech ecosystem. It also offers payments or rebates on 400 electric charging stations from DTech Technology Company that have already been produced and will be used as a pilot area in 2 countries. It also provides other utilities to companies with which agreements have been made in the automotive industry.





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