Electric scooter, Sting for families: Annual cost

Electric scooter, Sting for families: Annual cost

The new Highway Code has changed many rules and introduced new rules. One of the key points concerns the regulation of the use of electric scooters. Widespread in almost all Italian cities, they have long been at the center of controversy among citizens, mainly those who drive cars.

The allegations generally focus on the people who drive these vehicles. not easily recognized In case of any accident. Radical changes to the register and new expenses were approved for Italian families, who saw this instrument as an excellent form of savings. Now they have to ask themselves a question: Is it still convenient?

New rules for electric scooters

The new highway code is a real blow to families who have chosen to rely on electric scooters in recent years. Undoubtedly, much cheaper than cars and public transport in terms of weekly expenses. Anyone who works at a short distance from home has surely thought about this solution reduce household expenses,

Conversations now change from the moment they start Obligation to have license plate, helmet and insurance for this type of vehicle. This decision has a huge impact considering the way Sica is practiced in Italy today. 550 thousand electric scooter, In addition, the new Highway Code will also have an impact on companies, obviously, taking into account how sharing companies are responsible for the presence of 42 thousand vehicles on the road.

Scooter Insurance: How Much Does It Cost?

as stated by gabrielle MelusoVice President of Assoutenti, the cost of insurance coverage for an electric scooter can start from a minimum of 40 euros per year, and can reach up to. fee 150 euro,

One option is to sign up for a Head of the family R.C., which protects both the insured and his family members even in the event of damage caused to third parties while riding the scooter. In this case the cost is about 55 euros per year, However, it is necessary to verify what the actual guaranteed coverage actually is, which may change in light of the new Highway Code.

Then you can choose an optionSpecific insurance for urban mobility vehicles, Also in this case, the actual guaranteed coverage must be verified, with notable differences between the basic and premium versions. In this case the price starts from a Minimum 40 euros per year.

However, insuring your electric scooter is not the only expense you have to face. In fact it is necessary to equip the vehicle with a targa, The hypothesis is that the price is the same as that of a 50 scooter, i.e. 50 euros per yearAbout.

As our advice on verifying actual coverage highlights, that risk Find yourself in a system completely controlled by insurance companies, In fact, it is undeniable that the new Highway Code provides them with the opportunity to manage the tariffs as they wish.

In the absence of immediate control intervention by Giorgia Meloni’s government, consumers may have to manage a considerable new economic outlay, at a time when the cost of living is already skyrocketing.

also pay attention to keep your scooter stable, confident that they are protected from the costs. If you do not intend to make payments, it would be best to get rid of the vehicle. The new insurance obligations, in fact, apply even in the absence of use, as with cars.





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