“Generative AI is just a phase.  The Next Step Is Interactive AI »

“Generative AI is just a phase. The Next Step Is Interactive AI »

The co-founder of DeepMind and boss of Inflection AI believes that generative AI like ChatGPT is just a phase and now we are moving towards interactive AI.

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The next phase of artificial intelligence (AI) will be interactive AI and will mark a profound revolution. Google DeepMind co-founder Mustafa Suleiman told this during an interview. MIT Technology Review Published last Friday. For them, Generative AI is just a step that will enable robots to complete the tasks that have been defined for them. He believes that today, from this perspective, AIs are “stagnant”. If allowed, an interactive AI could become more dynamic and imagine tasks on its own. Earlier this month, he envisioned that within five years, everyone could have a super-intelligent personal assistant capable of helping optimize your days. Mustafa Suleiman knows what he is talking about. Today he is the boss of Inflection AI. The start-up launched its Pi chatbot last May to compete with ChatGPT. AI focuses on personalized advice and conversation.

,“Generative AI is just a phase. The Next Step Is Interactive AI »,

Interactive AI is getting ready

He’s not the only one who saw this interactive AI coming. OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, has launched a computer code interpretation feature. It’s these kinds of building blocks that allow AI to follow this path. As far as generative AI is concerned, the excitement of recent months has evaporated like the wind. Investors have realized that apart from the buzz generated, it is not that easy for businesses to integrate AI. Similarly, traffic on ChatGPT has been declining for three months. Will the arrival of these interactive AI be as flashy as ChatGPT, or will it gradually establish itself in use?


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