Our rivers are in danger, they are literally suffocating!

Global warming is affecting our rivers in unexpected ways

It seems that global warming is determined to spare no one and no one. While researchers thought they were relatively protected, they’ve just discovered that our rivers are warming at a rapid pace. And what’s more, they lose their oxygen in an alarming manner.

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(on video) alarming warming of the oceans In 2020, the oceans absorbed the equivalent of 20 sextillion joules. Not since 1955…

With climate change, the world’s oceans are warming. They also suffer from lack of oxygen. This is worrisome. But what we are learning today from researchers at Penn State University (United States) is undoubtedly even more. they publish work in magazine nature climate change Show that 87% of the 800 rivers they studied in the United States and Europe are warming. And 70% of them lose oxygen.

Our rivers are at risk of dead zones

“We didn’t expect to see it in the white water of shallow rivers.”Study author Li Li said in a press release from Penn State University. “Our discovery has important implications for water quality and the health of aquatic ecosystems around the world. , Especially because this phenomenon appears to occur even more rapidly in rivers than in oceans.

Researchers have warned that dead zones could emerge in some rivers by the end of this century. Fish are on the verge of extinction. With consequences that we imagine for the populations that survive it. And scientists also point out that lack of oxygen in rivers is responsible for emissions and release of greenhouse gases metalsmetals toxic.

Oxygen was pumped into our rivers

le magazines new scientistsFor its part, it was revealed that the British Environment Agency has carried out around twenty interventions per year on a total of about a hundred rivers since 2018. purpose of intervention “injection” Oxygen in waterways. For at least 11 days in the Thames in August 2022. But at the moment, no one knows whether the operation will be effective or not. Especially when the temperature is continuously increasing.


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