What Will Happen in the Bitcoin Spot ETF Lawsuit: The SEC or Grayscale?

Judge denies SEC request for Binance.US

The judge overseeing the case between Binance and the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) rejected the SEC’s request to investigate the exchange. At a hearing yesterday, the decision did not prevent the SEC from requesting additional files.

“I can’t decide where to sit”

The judge in the case, Zia Farooqui, said in her statement that the dispute between the two parties over the disclosure of documents should now end and said:

“From where I sit, I cannot decide which document is genuine or fake. Both sides should start working together now. “I want the process to move forward.”

As you may recall, the SEC claimed that Binance knowingly misappropriated customer funds. On the other hand, the Binance side said that the SEC could not put forward any evidence on the issue, but added additional burden to the F-case by continuously requesting documents.

Binance also said that the documents requested by the SEC regarding the issue do not match its claims in any way.

Negative comment from expert

Comments from an expert investigating Binance.US regarding the matter also emerged yesterday. In the unsealed files, it was observed that the expert said that it is very difficult to comment that Binance.US has fully collateralized customer funds from time to time.

It was published:

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