SBF Heads To New York's Worst Prison: Night 3 Is Over

Mother’s threat to SBF from her father: “I will tell him”

New information continues to emerge about the FTX exchange, which went bankrupt in November last year and caused a major price drop in the crypto world.

both money and real estate

In the lawsuit filed by FTX exchange against SBF’s parents, court records reveal the allegations one by one, and it was said that the mother and father had received $16.8 million from FTX’s clients’ funds. It was said that apart from this money, the duo also acquired real estate worth $16.4 million. The real estate was said to be in the Bahamas.

“I’ll tell your mother.”

On the other hand, FTX exchange also gave details in its claims. One of them was that the father, Joseph Bankman, also received a salary from FTX. It turned out that the father, who earns a total of $16 thousand per month, did not like his salary and sent an e-mail to his son SBF regarding this issue. Professor Father Bankman said, “I don’t know what to say about an annual salary of $200 thousand. I have never seen such a figure. He said, “I will raise this issue with Barbara (*mother).”

The professor father openly threatened his son to complain to his mother.

It was also written that Joseph Bankman wanted his salary to be increased to $1 million a year. This works out to approximately $80 thousand per month.

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