Solana (SOL) is at a critical juncture!

Solana (SOL) is at a critical juncture!

Solana (which has been rising almost continuously since last week)Fifth note of musical scale) Breaking a technical structure in the opposite direction may raise alarm bells.

Cryptocurrency market is on an upward offensive as dark clouds clear away Fifth note of musical scaleIt achieved a performance of 18 percent in a week, falling from $17.27 to $20.42. The popular coin, which has managed to maintain its rising trend despite various rumors, is currently trading at $20.19. However, the increasingly difficult technical infrastructure could spell trouble for SOL. So what prices can be followed on SOL?

Solana (SOL) Technical Analysis

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SOL, which started its rise at $17.27, rose to $20.19 in no time, indicating a positive outlook for both its ecosystem and investors. The dominant coin, which violated its rising trend several times during this period, managed to survive. However, if we consider that the technical structure is becoming increasingly difficult and the market is still in an uncertain state, we may see divergent price movements for SOL in the short term.

Fifth note of musical scaleFor the upward momentum to continue, both fundamental analysis and the technical side must remain strong. As for technical analysis, the upside levels are $20.19 – $20.89 – $21.31 and $22, respectively. A reversal of the news flow to the negative or a sudden decline in BTC could send the price of SOL down to $19.31 – $18.54 and $17.90 respectively.

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