The US Army has found its lost F-35!

The US Army has found its lost F-35!

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Some evil tongues say that the F-35 does not like rain and even less storms, but it knows how to fly without a pilot and hide from everyone. The 24-hour search for the lead ship of its combat aviation was a disaster that happened to the US military yesterday. While in flight over American territory, the plane disappeared after the pilot ejected from the aircraft for unknown reasons.

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After making announcements to the local population, it was in Williamsburg County, South Carolina, where the soldiers were finally able to Search for plane wreckage In a wooded area. The F-35’s loss of flight information is caused by its transponder being turned off. It is a receiver-transmitter found in all aircraft to identify them in airspace. with him secretlysecretly And without this transponder, the aircraft’s position could not be known.


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